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Reality check reminder

A tool to reminder and check if we are in a dream or not. This is useful to be a lucid dreamer. Read wikipedia Lucid dream article to know more about this topic.

Use Cases

  • Bob wants to do at least 6 reality checks every day, but always forget to do.
  • Bob wants to remind Alice to do her reality checks too, so this app will make a short call to Alice.

Reality checks

Some ideas from wikipedia that would be implemented:

  • Reading some text, looking away from the text, and reading it again - the text will probably have changed.
  • Looking at one's watch (remembering the time), looking away, and looking back. As with the text, the time will probably have changed at the second glance.
  • Flipping a light switch. Light levels rarely change in dreams (maybe a button to start the flashlight)
  • Looking into a mirror; in dreams, reflections from a mirror often appear to be blurred, distorted or incorrect. (for this one we need a camera)

Others checks that don't use software:

  • Plugging one's nose shut, and attempting to breathe through it. It is usually possible to breathe while doing this because the tester is not actually plugging one's nose in real life.
  • Looking at one's hands one or more times. Hands may look distorted, or grow additional fingers in a dream.
  • Gripping and stretching a finger. In a dream, body image can become distorted, and pulling a finger can elongate it.
  • Jumping into the air. Gravity is often distorted in a dream state and floating, flying or "moon jumping" will occur.
  • Looking around and seeing everything blurred, such as if you were underwater.
  • Being able to move through solid objects like walls with minimal resistance

Design Issues

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