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Openmoko Local Groups...

  • can be used for developers to meet and get to know each other
  • can be used for developing
  • may provide the room for real-life discussions away from mailinglists/wiki
  • can support early support handling their GTA01Bv4 and exchange experiences
  • fasten the community's cohesion
  • give motivation

Note that the list below is manually maintained. To make sure you don't miss a group, please check the Openmoko local groups category too. If you happen to find any missing groups, please add them here.

Note the list below was created during the Neo 1973 era. When the Neo FreeRunner came out, a different type of local group came into existence, as a result of discounts available with volume purchases. To find these local groups visit here







How to edit local group lists

Has Device
If you have a device, on your local group's page, please add:

[[Image: Moko.jpg|center]]

Has Debug Board
If you have a debug board, please add:

[[Image: MokoBox.jpg|center]]

Such as with Singapore or San Francisco

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