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This page lists various images you can try out on your Openmoko supported smartphone and some #Other downloads.

See Distributions for a more descriptive comparison.


Installation instructions

See the manuals for installation instructions. If you want to install a system to a microSD card, see Booting from SD.

Openmoko Inc. driven release targets

Om 2009

Om 2009 is the 2009 release of Om. It is not developped anymore. here

Main article: Om2009

Om 2008.12

Om 2008.12 is an updated release of Om 2008.8. You can download the image here

Main article: Om 2008.12 Update

Neo FreeRunner images

There is no need to reflash if you have installed Om 2008.8 and used opkg update && opkg upgrade.

The bleeding edge: Om "base / empty" images

The branch does not have any applications preinstalled other than settings and installer, and it is unstable for now.

Images for testing are at: To get packages from testing, use this /etc/opkg/testing.conf :

src/gz testing-all
src/gz testing-arm
src/gz testing-neo
src/gz testing-gta02

unstable comes from the same branch, compiled with the AUTOREV flag. There are no images, but packages are at

Reference: See "Repository and Images" announcement for details on other "Base image", "testing" and "unstable".

Once you have this base image, you can install the GTK+ telephony apps including gsmd, or Qtopia, or Mickey's framework. Check out the FDOM page for an idea of what to install.

Om 2007.2 images (GTK)

Main article: Om 2007.2

Openmoko discontinued support for this release. Two external developers still offer their own builds.


Celtune offers different Images and a huge amount of packages (2007.2, pyneo, fso) for neo1973, freerunner and others. Celtune images can be found here BROKEN LINK.


Andy Powell maintains images based on the 2007.2 software stack for the gta01 and gta02. A. Powell's ScaredyCat images can be found here.

FSO images (

Main article: OpenmokoFramework

The file system will be in a jffs2 "summary" file. A file with the extension ".jffs2.summary" can be flashed to the FreeRunner just like an ordinary jffs2 file.


Android now can run on Openmoko FreeRunner. About the Image, you can check Android page , to get the detail information. Android imagescan be found here.

Openmoko Community driven release targets


Main article: FDOM - a Fat and Dirty OM based distribution

Download images:

SHR images (Stable Hybrid Release)

Main article: SHR

Main article: SHR User Manual

The Stable Hybrid Release (SHR) is intended to be a community driven distribution composed of the FSO and some basic applications, that can be configured to use several different graphical toolkits, for example GTK or EFL. SHR is based on the FSO build. At first, SHR was introduced in order to use the Openmoko2007.2 GTK software in combination with the new FSO, but things have changed.

Download images (unstable currently recommended):

Non-Openmoko distributions

Qt Extended (formerly Qtopia) images

Main article: Qt Extended

Images are available on the Qt Extended download page, make sure your browser sends referrer Header when downloading. (Note: direct linking to the files does not work.)

Neo FreeRunner

  • Qt Extended flash image for FIC Neo Freerunner (gta02) version 4.4.2 can be downloaded here. (The tarball contains rootfs and kernel)
  • If you need to also download mwester's daily kernel (needed for previous version 4.4.1) you can find it here.

Neo 1973

  • Qt Extended flash image for FIC Neo 1973 (gta01) version 4.4.2 can be downloaded here. (The tarball contains rootfs and kernel)
  • A alternate Neo 1973 image can be downloaded here

More Qtopia downloads

Addtional packages can be added from the Trolltech feed for this image, found at To get to these packages, you need to add the feed as a source in the Qtopia package manager.

Debian images

Main article: Debian

Hackable:1 images

Main article: Hackable:1

Other downloads

Applications repositories

If you are looking for a specific application instead of a full filesystem image:

Main article: Community Repository

Main article: Users Repositories

CAD files

You can download CAD files here.


You can download the schematics of Neo 1973 (GTA01) and Neo FreeRunner (GTA02) here

Press material

Download Neo FreeRunner photos in various sizes for print and web use here

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