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Period 2011-09-01 to 2011-11-30

Welcome to the 2011-12-01 edition of the Free The Phone / Openmoko Community Updates. We are a loosely bound group of people originating from the developers and users of the pioneering Neo1973 and Neo FreeRunner products from Openmoko Inc. Nowadays most efforts are around free software distributions for a range of mobile phones, including the original Neo products. There are also several spin-off companies inspired by the Openmoko Inc's work.


  • GTA04 - GTA04A4 boards available for (pre)order. (source 2011-11-14)

General News

The Glamo specifications were leaked recently.

Sean posted Glamo datasheets with permission from SMedia.

Kernel News

  • Lindi is working on fixing some suspend bugs on the 2.6.39 kernel for the freerunner
  • There is a 3.2 kernel for the freerunner (by GNUtoo and JaMa)

Event News

  • 2011-11-11-13 FSCONS - one track is "Development for Embedded Systems". Last year there was a presentation about Neo FreeRunner's history.
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