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Welcome to Bangalore Openmoko Group!

This group is for people in Bangalore.

Name Skills Level of Interest Location Has Device
Shamsul Hassan Wireless Security Techniques ,C,PHP Personal Use,... Bangalore Yes, GTA02v7 ,it even boots without battery :)
Deepak Ravi C++, Haskell Personal Use,... Bangalore Yes, GTA02v5
Sparkymat C, C++, Ruby Personal Use, Application Development Bangalore
Shashank Bharadwaj C, C++ Personal Use, (Jumping to Dev soon!) Bangalore Yes
Jayasimha Testing, Networking Testing, UI Design, Personal Use Bangalore
Ramprasad C, C++, PHP Personal Use, Applications, System Software Bangalore Yes
Kanishk C, C++ Bootloader, Kernel, App Dev Bangalore Yes
Vinay C, C++ Personal Use Bangalore Yes, GTA02v5
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