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During out SYSTEMS fair presentation, an idea was born: an external sensor box!

There is an initial discussion (in German):




  • analog sensors
  • connected as USB (host)
  • battery extender (?)

Analog Sensors

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Barometer
  • Magnetic compass
  • Light intensity / Colorimeter
  • Laser / Ultrasonic distance
  • Voltmeter / Simple Oscilloscope (?)
  • Geiger counter (might be too expensive)

Other proposed extensions

These ideas go beyond the original Sensorbox idea but some of them can be easily added:

  • LED lamp
  • GPS Antenna
  • Battery pack
  • Camera
  • USB Hub
  • RJ45
  • SD Reader


There is currently some discussion if it should be a Jacket or an external box. Maybe just a bare PCB like the Debug Board? http://freeyourphone.de/portal_v1/download/file.php?id=51


  • a low cost, low power single chip processor with USB and ca. 8 x ADC (which one? Please go to discussion page)
  • power comes through USB
  • USB A/f so that the standard client cable can be connected


  • Device is addressed as a simple serial interface over USB
  • allows to switch on/off each sensor (so that power drainage can be controlled)
  • sends every 0.1 seconds a data block with latest data values
  • User-Interface runs on the Freerunner
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