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Wishes warning! This article or section documents one or more OpenMoko Wish List items, the features described here may or may not be implemented in the future.


Location based reminders

This feature may be related (and integrated with) Wishlist:context_based_to-do_list. The idea is to notify the user of certain events based on their location, direction, or other location related information. It may use the Wishlist:Point_of_Interest_Framework.

Use Cases

  • I am on the bus and am reading a book, when I am getting close to my bus stop the phone rings/vibrates and displays a notification.
    • This could be based on the direction of travel, so the phone could detect that I'm on my usual bus route (which I have pre-entered) and only then display the notification.
  • I enter an area where another user "has left a message", and receive notification of that message.
    • This location based messaging will obviously require some server-side support and a network connection.
  • Get a notification when it could seem to be a problem that you are here, and you will have a hard time going where you are supposed to be.
    • I.e. you need to be 10 km away in 10 minutes, and you have selected you will be going there by car, so it should pop up and say you'd better be leaving now.

Design Issues

  • How to allow the user to easily select the location/route when creating a new notification.
  • How to make the notification intelligent enough so it's displayed when intended (i.e. if I'm just walking past the bus stop, don't tell me I'm there). - Take speed into account? Reminders would allow to specify if traveling by car/bus/train or on foot or on bicycle, for example. The speed profile would be different and not hard to compute.
  • Find possible online repositories of location based information which could be integrated with this (i.e. for tourism info) - take a look at GeoClue, I think they've done that.

Existing Technologies

It would be worth checking out existing technologies to see what has/has not worked, and if the Openmoko LBS-Reminders could be incorporated into these:

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