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Readability of recent changes with minor edit-changes

Why didn't you mark your spam-cleaning changes as a non-minor updates?

Because the content of the spam-message was unimportant. And a spam-cleaning-change isn't a (useful) information too.
OK. I will keep it in mind in the future. :-)

thanks :) it makes easier to read Recent Changes for spam cleaning.

Feed-reader for spam-cleaning

You can use a feed-reader too. Maybe it's better. :-)
And you can configure the feed-reader to look for news in a specific interval and play a sound-file.
Comparison of feed aggregators - Wikipedia
Recent changes (rss):
Recent changes (atom):
NOTE: The feed contain only last 50 changes ! It's possible that you don't see the complete history if your feed-reader was not started for a "long" time.

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