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This is Vikas. Have just got a GTA02 and am currently trying to converge on one OS. I would then probably jump into development.

My current complaints (guide to what I would probably end up doing):

  • Not enough s/w for this classy h/w (FSO, it seems has taken a corrent route though...bring everything on userland with DBus)
    • Why aren't there many apps (yet) using accelerometer...I guess a very small but flauntable one could be a daemon that reads accelerometer (preferably use DBus as well) and simply use xrandr to orient xserver
  • How is that even a realeased version has glitches (I am damn frustrated with OM2008.8 as I can't make call....c'mon its a phone and I can't make calls)

Professionally, I currently work in Adobe Systems.

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