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Please add any feature requests/comments below

John - I logged on to the website and saw that you were online, so I logged on with the client. But it doesn't list any users for me to contact. Maybe because of the distance? I'm in Oregon, USA -Brad

Hi Brad. Well only a couple of people have installed the app so far so it does not give much of a chance to list any other users. I would be interested to try out the messaging feature I recently added between two Neo's so maybe we could arrange a mutal time online to test out. Setting maximum distance of 20,000km will give the biggest range. If you set it lower it only displays those within that distance. You also might want to set a frequent ping time for testing as this will update your user list more often. Once I have worked on the UI a bit I will announce the app properly so hopefully there will be some more users :) Thanks for testing things out at such an early stage. If you are interesting in trying the messaging etc email me


After about 5 minutes, the thumbtribes client errors out with the following message:

       Error: can not read from socket - Connection reset by peer: 6
               Call history:
               client.scm: 294  wait
               client.scm: 292  file-select
               client.scm: 345  po
               client.scm: 346  po
               client.scm: 346  decode-pdu
               client.scm: 273  thumbtribes:print
               client.scm: 136  conc
               client.scm: 136  printf
               client.scm: 274  caadr
               client.scm: 283  decode-pdu-ping-response
               client.scm: 243  gtk-list-store-clear
               client.scm: 348  thumbtribes:statusbar-pop
               client.scm: 376  statusbar-pop
               client.scm: 125  read-messages
               client.scm: 451  file-select
               client.scm: 452  read-line                      <--

Thanks Brad. Something caused the messenger connection to fail. I will try and re-create the problem and fix it.

-- john

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