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Q: In parameters, do we need a setting for screen saver? Eg. After 5 minutes no action the screen saver will be automaticlly launched.

(Sean Moss-Pultz) A: The screensaver that I have in mind is very simple and won't eat CPU resources. I just want to see time, missed calls, and new messages. I really don't think this needs to be configuratable. When the backlight turns off, this should activate.

Q: In device setting, do we need a power saving mode? For mobile devices, energy consumption should be the first consideration.

(Sean Moss-Pultz) A: I was only planning on using one power save mode. The best one we can. I don't think this needs to be configurable either. Do you agree?

Q: Do we need to give user the choice of store the contact/SMS messages in the SIM card or in the phone?

(Sean Moss-Pultz) A: The contacts application could support this. But I didn't add this to our first version. Does anything think this is important? (IE full SIM SMS, Contact support?)

Krzysiek Bielicki

There should be possibility to set audio settings for each application. Example: I don't want to hear GPS Navigation instructions in headset.

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