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What about use prefixes from Wikipedia? Martix 17:42, 3 October 2009 (UTC)

no need for a prefix list

Even with manual settings it doesn't work for me with the FSO from SHR Sep 6 2009 image. I have all the numbers in SIM/opimd with +[CountryPrefix][Number] (no need for national prefix). Phonelog works OK on matching, but when I receive a phone call with [NationalPrefix][Number] it won't show the name from addressbook. Worked after reboot. I use both notifier and opimd-notifier.

I've seen a report that in Brazil they have different 'national/something' prefix for SMS and voice when calling from outside.

Won't be easier and much more automatic to take another approach, of comparing numbers backwards, starting from the last digit? All the digits from the shortest number (from addressbook or query number) must match.

The problems like:

  • small search number that matches a lot
  • small addressbook number that matches an international calling/searched number (which may be OK or not)

can be dealt with in the interface function that return a list from a number query, by using:

  • a minimum limit of chars that must match
  • or return only one result if the searched number matched completely an entry in addressbook
  • etc.

There are only the following (main) cases:

  • short incomming/queried number vs short addressbook number
  • short Qn vs full ABn
  • full Qn vs full ABn
  • full Qn vs short ABn

The bottom line is that we can't match all real life cases by using whitelisting, even more if we know that the WL is incomplete. Won't be easier if instead of building and maintaining the WL 'we' would use only a tiny part of 'our' resources to tweak the current algorithm and make it work without maintanance 10 years from now :D ?

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