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Thomas, I am watching with great interest your developments on opkg. Here are a few things I DETEST about ipkg, in case you are soliciting feature requests:

  • opkg should be smarter about non-default installation paths. ipkg-link works well enough most of the time, but when post-install scripts are run by ipkg, those scripts might be looking for files in /etc or /usr/share that don't exist because they aren't yet linked (user hasn't run ipkg-link yet).
    • on a related note, if installing a package also results in the installation of dependencies, opkg might be smarter about where it puts those (e.g., some system libraries in main flash, app libraries on card, etc.)
    • better still, maybe opkg.conf should allow different default locations for different types of packages, so I don't need to remember "-d card" every time
  • ipkg command-line options use a single dash for both one-letter options (e.g. "-d") and long options (e.g. "-force-reinstall"), contrary to nearly every other program in the world.
  • ipkg doesn't seem to handle very well the situation where one package is deprecated in favor of another that provides the same files/functions. I had some manual work to do when gtk+ package was dropped in favor of gtk+-fastscaling, for example.
  • better orphan handling would be nice!

That's all. Good luck!

Quicksand 22:00, 18 January 2008 (CET)

OPKG authentification with proxy

Despite the opkg proxy authentication won't work with options,

option proxy_username <username> option proxy_password <password>

it's still possible to send proxy password in next form:

option http_proxy http://login:password@http_proxy:port

My Regards, Vlad

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