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Hopefully there will be a few Neo owners out there who fancy meeting up in a central London location to discuss all things Neo over a few pints!

I guess Suffolk counts as near(ish) to London? I doubt there is anyone else in my bit of the country with one - Phil

(I'm not sure we're much nearer to you, as you sound like you're at Martlesham Heath, but there are a group of us in Cambridge - User:MadHatter)

Okay so who is up for a beer?


I'm sure I could be persuaded! Anyone want to suggest a date/location? Anywhere central London on a week night would be good for me.


Date stamp: Fri Jan 16 12:24:32 GMT 2009

Shall we organise a pub meet? It would be grand if we could. I'll shake the cage a bit on the list, please indicate your willingness below.

Jan Henkins


Reccommended London pubs

Area: West London

Pub: The Dove Inn (Hammersmith)

Description: Fantastic for small huddles or BoF sessions, although I would say 8 people (10 or 12 at an absolute push with pre-booking) would be a comfortable maximum size for a group. Picturesque old medieval pub right on the Thames.

Website: The Dove Inn

Referrer: Jan Henkins

Pub: The Old Bank of England (Fleet Street)

Description: Haven't seen the place yet, recommended by Simon Brunnings of London Python fame. Will go on a reccy and check the place out next week.

Website: [1]

Referrer: Andy Kilner

Pub: The Princess Louise (Holborn)

Description: Central location. A couple of floors with some fairly private drinking spaces. Can be too busy.

Website: [2]

Referrer: John

Pub: The Angel in the Fields (Marylebone)

Description: Right by Marylebone High Street so plenty of other options. This pub does not get so crowded as the others on the high street.

Website: [3]

Referrer: John

Neo Meeting is cool

i go to any pub ....

Hello London Group

Hello everyone.

I'm very glad to know and learn from this project. I'm newbie in Openmoko comunity and technology.

I have got question:

Is it possible to instal linux distribution on any other phones except FreeRunner, for example such as Blackberry 7130?

With best regards: madptj

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