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Alex Contact selection layout is missing in messages. Will this be provided by contacts?


In the navagation area, there are status icon (column 0), message recipient (column 1), message suject (column 2). A date and time field is missing.

Suggestions & Questions from Alex about Layouts

>1. Missing delete function - we may need to delete some messages, there should be a "delete" button in the toolbar.

User:Sean Added.

>2. Email stuff - need layout for display added attachs, after an attached is added, there should be somewhere to indicate.

User:Sean Added.

>3. Button "Address" - use a simplified interface, fill name and email address (phone number for SMS) fields in a navagation list for user to choose. That will call the libmokopim and should have a layout.


Q: Do you think this should be a popup window or just change the Navigation Area into the contacts browser?


A: I agree with the latter.

>4. SMS stuff - need "Send to Many" Button, we may want to send an SMS message to more than one contact, maybe a group or specified some contacts and there would be an layout like 3.

User:Sean You can add as many addresses as needed to the To: field.

>5. "(Mode)" Button - click to get a popup menu or place horizontally the "New/Reply/Forward Mode" buttons in the tool bar as is declared before.

User:Sean This is defined as per the widget. When multiple items for an Action Button are available, a popup menu will be called.

Alex May be I'm a little misunderstood before. So in the tool bar there will be all the buttons listed in Action Buttons table as is listed in Messages, right?

>6. "View Mode" can add extra buttons - "Use Detail", "Reply", "Forward" (I think it's more convenient for use if we use a single "(Mode)" Button instead of Mode Buttons), "Store to" (to store a new message or move an existing message to a custom folder)


I agree with this idea in concept. But it's not consistent with our "look and feel". Actions that can be applied to objections are almost always found in the toolbar. Let me think about it for a bit. Does anybody else have any comments?

>7. "Footer Area" status bar - "Footer" is an application and we will send dbus message to display information with Footer, shall we still need a status bar?


The status is part of the Footer Application. I've just included the messages that this application needs to send.

Questions from Alex, Comments from User:Mickey

>1. Do we need Message Preview widget in message? It's not listed in wiki.

I don't think we need it here. It is mainly neccesary in contacts application (view mode: history) The details are will contain always a full message.

>2.How to activate Read Mode ? a.Tap selecting a row, will display correspoding message information in the Details Area b.Tap selecting a row, clicking Read Mode button will display correspoding message information. Both of the them are listed in wiki, which one shall we choose or both will be ok?

What happens on "tap selecting a row" is depending on the mode. In read mode, it will send message to details, in reply mode it will open a 'new message' window, in forward mode, it will open a 'new message' window as well.

In general, the mode will be chosen by using the action button "Mode" in the toolbar. The default mode when you launch the application is read mode.


Q1:Shall we need a "processing dialog" widget for the case such as waiting for the result of an operation?


A1: Informational dialogs will use the Information Dialog widget. If you want to show loading status please use the Footer application.

Q2:Since "Status Bar" widget has already got removed from the widget page, shall we display the message number in the footer application instead of "Footer Area" ?


A2: Correct. Footer Area will always be used to display status information.

AlexQ:Since we will use libsmtp for sending email, what shall we use for receiving email and retrieving email headers (displayed in the detail list)? As is listed in the use case, we should have IMAP4 support, do we need POP3 support as well?

I have managed to download libsmtp package and compiled on my PC, however, the examples contained in the package wouldn't work for a host connecting error. Can mickey give some suggestions? Thanks.

AlexQ: Sending email will surely need an account or choose one from a list, but sending an SMS message will not need this. Is the Account in application menu just for the email, and the opening dialog would be a list? (Eg. email account list) Do we need an interface for user to configure his/her email account?

User:Sean A: Only email and IM will need to configure accounts.

Same question for opening dialog, if I want to insert a file or picture into a message (Eg. send an MMS message), what will happen, should we call the file browser?

User:Sean This will call the File Open Dialog

Another question, is the MMS feature in libgsmd already already support?

User:Sean We don't have any plans for MMS support. It's just too expensive a service for the end user at this point.

^^ This may be true in some parts of the world, but here in the UK, MMS is largely a necessity, and mms messages normally only cost as much as 2x sms messages. --Parag0n 13:27, 26 March 2007 (CEST)

^^in the us..many basic plans include unlimited mms messages. also,i know of MANY people,especially at my college,that haven't gotten an openmoko simply because of lack of mms support

(Marcin): there are ready Open Source projects, which can boost MMS development a lot... MMSLib, I went further in decoding MMS in Gammu+ too...

Use case: I want to send an email. What email api should I call? In PIM_Storage page, you have mentioned the Embedded EDS, shall we call the camel API in EDS?

User:Mickey libcamel and libnttp from EDS are huge and overcomplicated for what our use cases are -- this is why I have them currently disabled in our build of Embedded EDS. I guess we better grab a small libsmtp for sending mail.

full finger-handling

(shifted from wishlist)

  • Full finger-handling, next/previous/top-of-folder/reply (and my favorite: call Back)


The screenshots do not currently show... is there a method for typing messages as of now? --Mateo 17:10, 12 August 2007 (CEST)


I think the sms-app should be more like a im-conversation-window. --Zash 13:24, 8 November 2007 (CET)

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