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(Sean Moss-Pultz) Q: We talked about having two main menu's really. One being this one (lauched by the hardware menu button). And the other a Popup style menu (launched by the Top Panel Area icon). Do you still think this is the best method? One possibility would be to just give this application two different modes. What do you think?

(Alex) What I am told is there will be no hardware keyboard (only use touch-screen which can accept finger or stylus touch input), is there an hardware menu button?

(Sean Moss-Pultz) We will have two buttons on the left side. One for power and one for general usage. Mickey and I were talking about using this as a main menu.

(Alex) I see. So there would be two set of main menus, one for the hardware button and displayed as the figure illustrates above, one is pop-up menu as I often see on PC.

(Sean Moss-Pultz) Exactly.

Alex Q: When I first click Main Menu Launch Area in the top panel the Main Menu Application will be launched, if I clicked again in Main Menu Launch Area what will happen? Will the Main Menu Application closed and display the desktop or nothing will happen?

(Sean Moss-Pultz) At this point I'm not sure. Let's resolve the two different main menu issue first. (see Main_Menu#Architectural Details)

(Peepsalot) I am thinking that in the future OpenMoko will support many devices with many screen resolutions and sizes. For this reason, I think it would be best to store menu icons(and other application interface images) as svg files, to allow more adaptable sizing(as opposed to having only three png sizes). Would this be too much drain on the processor to render vector graphics?

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