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I would like to apologize to those who contributed to this page because I deleted the original content. Obviously we didn't coordinate very well on this.

Please redirect the discussion to the mailing list. We won't use this page for general discussion. Thanks. John 17:43, 17 October 2008 (UTC)

Pim device

I would like to use my FR as a PIM device, managing my communications, events and so on. So this is my main issue as a user. Another thing that could improve the user experience would be a PC utility to manage the device: - ability to know the charge level from PC; - easy file sharing; - shared notifications; - install apps via PC; - sync contacts infos; - sync calendars and to-do lists; - sync communications (SMSs, emails, conversations, ecc.).

Every other thing is quite acceptable to me (as long as I stay with qtextended).

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