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The impatient user (me) will try to boot right after plugging the phone for charging. If this is not possible, the text should be explicit.

TODO: redirect getting_started and Getting_started here


Organization of connectivity, update, & application sections

I find the current organization of USB + installing applications in one section and WLAN + GPRS + other things in a catch-all section unintuitive. What do others think of grouping USB, WLAN, and GPRS under one section about connectivity, followed by a section on updating, then a section on installing other apps (with non-project-name subheads for each task, e.g., "web browser" rather than "minimo") and then a next steps section for remaining items? --Joseph M. Jarvis 15:15, 21 July 2008 (UTC)


Thanks for opening the discussion. Let me explain the thoughts that led me to reorganize the sections. They are based on two ideas:

  1. The goal of this page is to describe the manipulations necessary to bring the Neo Freerunner to an operational up to date state.
  2. These instructions are meant to be followed sequentially, paragraph-by-paragraph, starting from the unopened box.

If you agree on these two points, then they provide the ax needed to simplify and organize the page. Obviously (to me), the shorter the better, and anything not strictly necessary for the goal should be simplified and moved to another page. Talking about USB, Wifi and GPRS connectivity options is more complicated than focusing the reader's attention on the USB connection only.

I also think that it the goal should include the word "secure" after "operational", but I am unsure about Openmoko security model. --MinhHaDuong 11:43, 30 July 2008 (UTC)

Upgrade through ssh:

I think it's easier to upgrade everything through ssh... first run this:

  1. nohup opkg upgrade dropbear

then run this:

  1. opkg upgrade


Is this still relevant for Om2008? -doopa feed is down

There is need to add a section on how to change the opkg feeds from "" to I followed these instructions

  1. cd /etc/opkg/
  2. wget
  3. tar -xvzf freerunner-om2007.2-feeds.tar.gz
  4. rm freerunner-om2007.2-feeds.tar.gz

and the opkg updates and installs are working ok.

Cheers, slozano

The upgrading the distribution part needs to be updated to take in Om2008.8 or .12. Or are there still people getting the phone loaded with 2007? -doopa feed is down

My opkg is looking for Packages.gz at This site indicates that it is relocated to I recommend either adding a update in that redirects opkg or provide instructions on changing the locations on the "Getting Started with your Neo FreeRunner" page.

Error messages:

  • Failed to download , error 404

  • Failed to download , error 404

  • ...

Resolved --Josh

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