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Should we consider the use case : I want to copy the contact from SIM card to phone and vice versa ?

I'm not sure. What are your thoughts on this? (Shanghai, Germany?)

      • I think that would be nice if there is an option to import from SIM to the moko. This would make the migration easier. Kresp0 21:05, 22 February 2007 (CET)

Without wishing to overly complicate things, it would be great if the Contacts app were "plugin based" so that when e.g., Lauren's Contact is selected, things like "Call Lauren Mobile", "SMS Lauren" (which are obvious, and known in advance) could be supplemented by "Find Lauren in the WizzyNewApp" (which are not) can be added by the WizzyNewApp without needing to e.g., modify and recompile the Contact App.

Is there a way to contact the "contact database" ? i wish to add contacts that are stored in ldif / vcf (more then one contact list).

I mean if i work with ssh to phone and altering the database using some application (echo / vi / db accessing / one that i wrote).

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