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There are several sound players available:


Can play not only sound but also video. A slow starter and quick to stop. You may want to combine madplay and aplay - aplay can read wave data from stdin (e.g. from madplay).


Quick to start but slow to stop. Supported output formats:

 cdda    CD audio, 16-bit big-endian 44100 Hz stereo PCM (*.cdr, *.cda)
 aiff    Audio IFF, [16-bit] PCM (*.aif, *.aiff)
 wave    Microsoft RIFF/WAVE, [16-bit] PCM (*.wav)
 snd     Sun/NeXT audio, 8-bit ISDN mu-law (*.au, *.snd)
 raw     binary [16-bit] host-endian linear PCM
 hex     ASCII hexadecimal [24-bit] linear PCM
 esd     Enlightened Sound Daemon [16-bit] (give speaker host as PATH)
 null    no output (decode only)


Quick to start and quick to stop. Supported file types:


Use this soundplayer if you want minimal latency. To go clear of underrun error buffer size should be a multiple of period size: aplay --period-size=2000 --buffer-size=10000 alarm.wav

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