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Snapshot History and Overview

Latest reviewed image: Snapshot_review/2008-07-12

Latest Recommended image: Snapshot_review/2008-04-21

Link to all previous snapshot reviews.

The latest kernel and root image recommended in these reviews will always be available here

Openmoko Snapshot Review Criteria


Rootfs Snapshot name:

Kernel snapshot name:

uBoot Snapshot name:

Device type:


  • Speed
  • Error Messages
  • Failures

Phone Functionality

Incoming Calls

  1. Can receive
  2. Kinetic alert (vibrate)
  3. Auditory alert (sound)
  4. Call quality
  5. Missed calls display on OM-today2
  6. Calls recorded in call log
  7. Stability

Outgoing Calls

  1. Can make
  2. Call quality
  3. Calls recorded in call log
  4. Stability

Messaging Functionality

Incoming SMS

  1. Can receive
  2. Kinetic alert (vibrate)
  3. Auditory Altert (sound)
  4. Sender identified if applicable
  5. Is message readable
  6. OM today2 displays new messages
  7. Communication logged
  8. Stability

Outgoing SMS

  1. Can send
  2. Message readable
  3. Delivery notification works
  4. Communication logged
  5. Stability

Person Information Management


  1. Can add
  2. Can create groups
  3. Can modify


  1. Can add events
  2. Can view events
  3. Can remove events
  4. Events appear on openmoko-today2
  5. Events trigger kinetic alarm
  6. Events trigger auditory alarm

Media Player


  1. Mp3
  2. Vorbis


  1. Theora Playback
  2. Theora Pause



  1. Can turn Bluetooth on
  2. Can turn Bluetooth off

Battery Life

Software Keyboard

  1. Keyboard type
  2. Displays correctly
  3. Usability


  1. Suspend / Resume works:
  2. All features work after suspend / resume cycle:
  3. Can receive incoming calls or sms while in suspend:

User Feedback

Eduard: Is ipkg no longer part of the snapshots(or is it missing)? Should this also be part of the test?

Kevin Dean: ipkg has been replaced by opkg. ipkg was not maintained so it was forked and improved upon. .ipkg packages can still be installed without problems.

Please provide feedback on how to improve these reviews. Also, please identify yourself.

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