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Pingus.png Pingus

Pingus is a lemmings clone with penguins.

Tested on: Debian, FSO


Lemmings style game


Pingus is Lemmings style game.


(on 2008-11-11)

  • bitbake recipe for Pingus
    • current state: working
    • caveats:
      • sound needs aoss wrapper, and is choppy. better leave disabled
      • run in landscape mode! (this is now done automatically)
      • pingus 0.7.2 has a known memory leak
      • you need to manually install libpng3, since I didn't manage to get the right dependency on the pingus package
    • submitted patches and recipe to OpenEmbedded bug #4711 (requires bug #4710) but you can take the patches and recipies and apply these to the openmoko repository (or just wait 'till they get merged).

One place to download:

Source code:

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