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SMS middleware is a Openmoko middleware software for additional features related to SMS. Plugin architecture and Python based code gives this project lots of flexibility and enchancebility. SMS middleware is more a framework for plugin based features, like:

  • SMS spam filters
  • SMS scheduler


Imagine that you are able to control your device via SMS. You can use a set of built-in remote commands or write your custom. With this feature you can achieve following tasks:

  • Request device GPS position
  • Request current status
  • Establish a voice call with another phone (good if you are spy)
  • Send SMS from remote phone.
  • Set new settings to remote phone (change power mode, audio profile, turn device off)
  • Request current settings
  • (Ideas) Add a stain has done in the calendar

SMS spam filters

Are you tired with tons of SMS advertisements from your provider? Have you changed provider and still got advs from the old one? Does your ex girlfriend bothers you with stupid SMS? Do you receive more and more advertisements from cigarettes or beer company? This plugin is your INBOX peacekeeper!

How it works?

You can enter your custom filter or download a set of common filters from a special server. Everyone are allowed to checkout and commit to global filters database. If a SMS sender's SIM number or the body matches a regular expression, then this SMS is marked as spam. You will neither get any notification (sound, vibration) nor find this message in INBOX. All spam messages go directly into SPAMBOX.

This feature requires additional server where users can commit their filters to global database, accessible for everyone.

SMS scheduler

Have you ever forgot your mom's birthday, or any special event? Do you want to cheat your buddies and send an SMS while you are not allowed to? Solution - just write and schedule them! All scheduled SMS are stored in SCHEDULEBOX.

Additional feature is to automatically send an SMS to user defined SIM number in case of GSM jamming stopped.


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Enchancement proposals

  • SMS Rules. Something more generic than just antispam. For example, my provider sends an SMS each time I got a new voice mail. Since those messages are highly formatted ('You received a new voice mail from <number> on <date> <time>'), it would be very nifty to be able to add our own filters/parsers with custom behaviours based on matched values. Maybe something as "simple" as the ability to add our own regexes...

Technical information

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