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Welcome to Openmoko London!

Beer and Neo anyone?

See discussion

Key: Moko.jpg = GTA01 MokoBox.jpg = Debug board
Name (IRC nick) Skills Interest Location Device owned
John Moore (zedstar) C/Scheme Application development Pinner
Alex Java,Perl,Python User & developer Hampshire
Phil Ashby C/C++/Java /Embedded/Hardware Kernel & Application development Felixstowe
John Cass Java,C User & developer London
Tony Garnock-Jones (tonyg) C, assembly, Erlang, Scheme, ML, Haskell, Smalltalk, ... User & developer London
Thomas Wood/OpenedHand C, GTK+ developer User & developer London
+ GTA02 (FreeRunner Prototype)
Steph Meslin-Weber Java (J2ME), C, User Experience, Interface prototyping User, developer and general busybody London
James Olney General experience User Oxford Wanted FreeRunner perhaps get into a 10pack group]
Jan Henkins Sysadmin, general repo management, a bit of C\C++, Perl User London FreeRunner
David Pottage Perl, Java (J2se), C User & developer Reading FreeRunner
Michael Nandris Python/Plone ethusiast, interest in DPA (1998) User, developer London, Camden Wanted FreeRunner perhaps get into a 10pack group]
Weiss C, GTK+, ARM Assembly, Perl, TCL User, developer Cambridge FreeRunner
TimW C++ User, developer Pinner FreeRunner
Menno Smits Python, C, GTK+ User, apps development London FreeRunner
Ben Spencer C, perl, ARM assembler User, developer, beer drinker London FreeRunner
Dave C, SSL/TLS, POSIX threading User, apps development London FreeRunner
Tina User, Sys Admin User (can compile, maybe port) Oxford FreeRunner
Andy Kilner Python, C, GTK+ User, Developer London FreeRunner
Vortex C, toolchains, distributions mesh networking, service discovery, wifi, bluetooth, scanning, gps London FreeRunner
Lee Khan-Bourne C,Java,Perl User & developer London/Kent FreeRunner
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