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mokostat - Battery Monitor

An application to display various system information of the Openmoko platform. Developed by Alexandre d'Alton.


More information

openmoko-apps archive

Source code

The latest source code of the program can be found at mokostats project page

Download Application

Binary / ipk

I did not managed to create an ipkg yet. I need to learn and spend some time on achieving that.


  • 2007/10/03

Added support for GPS and Cell Location ID database creation. The aim is to log all Signal Strength, CellId and position changes in order to create data which will allow us to create a CellId location database. This would allow to implement the MokoAssistedGPS !

Other feature that I've added, but should not be implemented in this application, but in the GPS applet is the notification of the GPS Fix acquisition an loosing.

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