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Litephone screenshot

Litephone is a phone application written in Qt which uses the opimd suite of FSO. The basic idea behind the Litephone GUI is that it is packed in one window, the various 'modules' (contacts, messages, dialer, etc) placed into tabs. No popup windows.






Source code


You can run it in 3 modes:

litephone demo - runs it with bogus data (contacts, etc), and generates bogus call and message events. You can test most of the gui this way.
litephone nogsm - runs it with bogus data, but no events
litephone - normal mode

Wish list

The author is at the moment very open for suggestions. Please add feature requests.

  • make litephone self-aware (if tied to AUX button, it will bring us back to already running litephone, not launch a new instance)


  • source (on a svn/cvs/git/...)
  • launchpad / google code / sourceforge / ...- page?
  • a debian package
  • a repository made of so upgrading is easy
  • compilation instructions


  • airplane mode button
  • upcoming meetings for some calendar?
  • multiple calls handling (hold, resume, if possibile conference etc.)
  • show a picture associated to a contact/group on incoming call
  • when a number is visible, ability to click it and add it to your contacts (when clicked, switch to add a contact tab and fill in the correct number) (pieterc)
  • interoperability with the usual phone book (pieterc)
  • save sms messages/contacts on SD card/internal memory instead of sim (limited amount of messages). (pieterc)
  • run in fullscreen, when pushed an extra tab button, go to the illume launcher (pieterc)
  • Allow multiple numbers for contacts and maybe the ability to store contacts email.
  • If number is in contacts messages should show the contact name instead of the number.
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