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Jokes in English

Q: Why did OM cross the road?

A: To get to another toolkit :)

Q: How many OM devs does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: Well first we need to abandon the old lightbulb holder because at a later date we may not be able to plug a floodlight in, bring in a new lightbulb holder and adapt it to multiple floodlights, meanwhile the engineering team has realized that this will only run green floodlights and has started rewiring the whole house.. :) The burnt out lightbulb is due to be fixed at a later date :)

Q: What is the difference between a professional photographer and OM user?

A: The OM user has to flash more often :)

Q: Why did the OM newbie log onto #openmoko?

A: Because they had not read:

    1. the wiki, and
    2. the topic

As then they would know you slide your finder up on the keyboard to get the numbers to enter your sim pin.

Q: What's the difference between an iphone and a freerunner?

A: One works but takes away your freedom, the other is free but needs your work

 Knock, Knock
 Who's There?
 A Neo User
 A Neo User

Q: What did the Neo say to the insomniac?

A: At least when you go to sleep you know you'll wake up!

Ancient chinese proverb: "Neo owner is man carrying wall charger"

Q: What's the difference between a brick and a freerunner?

A: The brick is heavier... slightly.

A: The brick comes in different colors.

A: You can't de-brick the brick.

A: A brick doesn't have to be recharged every twelve hours

A: A brick will reliably perform it's intended function out of the box, no configuration required.

A: You don't have to constantly re-flash / update the software on a brick

A: The brick will not buzz

A: The brick won't stop working after a day or two

A: The brick is waterproof

A: Bricks are cheap, reliable, and widely available.

A: A brick isn't designed to make phone calls.

Q: And what's the similarity?

A: The probability they ever reliably will.

OM2008.9 and FSO walk into a bar.

"How are you? How are you?" asks FSO.

"Buzzzzzzz" says OM2008.9

A Freerunner, an iPhone and a CG900 walk into a bar.

"I wish I had your prestige" says the CG900

"I wish I had your price" says the iPhone

"Waitaminute, gotta reboot quickly" says the Freerunner

Q: How to switch off this phone?

A: You have to write program :)

Q What if somebody important calls?
A Err..
A Because it messes up with the normal order in which people read things.
Q Why is top-posting prohibited on our mailing lists?
Q What is your new year resolution?
A 640x480.
Q It looks like every HW problem in the Freerunner is solved with a larger capacitor. What do you think went wrong in the design process? 
A. I think it was a lack of capacity.

E-mail quotes:


Yesterday I accidentally put my OM phone near LCD TV (Samsung).

SW on OM is QT Extended and when I press power button (to wake up mobile) TV immediately turn off.

I tried again and TV changed channel. So, on my phone this behavioure is repeatable.

Is it normal behavioure?

Thanks in advance


Steve Mosher on the Community ML:

When OM throws a party nobody leaves with a buzz.

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller on community ML:

I have finally found where the shape and visual appearance of the Neo1973 and Freerunner come from:,23.882423&z=16&t=h&hl=en

IRC quotes:

[16:03] <jadams_> does 2008.8 support the neo yet?
<AntonTakk> i don't want another phone that would just need a bubble on top to look like an apple mouse
<playya_> AntonTakk, a apple mouse has less buttons
<Rampentpancake> can i run openmoko as a live cd?
<Rampentpancake> like is it a bootable linux distribution?
<sybren> DocScrutinizer: apt as replacement for opkg on SHR?
<DocScrutinizer> sybren: sure. even a 20 year old glass of jellyfisch could replace opkg

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Fantasy release announcements:

Openmoko Jokes in Other Languages

As a special page, I'd like all languages to be on the same page.


”GTA nolla kakkonen on, luureista ehkä voittamaton;
pientä laittoo se vaatii vaan, sitten baanalle brassailemaan
Jumankauta juu nääs päivää, ei ole huolen häivää;
toolkitit kun tunnelmaa tuo, bassfix ja buzzfix soundit luo”

(saa jatkaa/kehitellä)


aplikace mobile windws 6.5 - windows mobile suxx, pořiď si konečně pořádný telefon, třeba brokenmoko


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