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Overview is a map, contributed to by users.

All that is required is a GPS with the ability to log tracks. (or other means of positioning)

These tracks are later annotated using either personal knowledge, or notes taken at the time, to add roads, canals, or other features to the map. (They cannot be copied from commercial maps, as this is a breach of copyright and or terms and conditions).

The Neo1973 GPS and the NeoFreeRunner GPS are quite adequate for this.

This article defines the OpenStreetMap Application, an application designed for the Openmoko platform. This is a Native Finger-Based application.

Use Cases

Not Interested Not a participent Wants to use the application as a simple way of generating KMZ, or other GPS tagged information, such as points of interest, or tracks, perhaps including voice notes.
Advanced mapper Wants credit Specifically makes journeys for the purpose of mapping, taking voice or other notes as they go along
Basic mapper Willing to help, but wants anonymity Will select mode of transport they are using at any time - car, bike, train, may occasionally enter placenames either by voice notes or keyboard.
Helper Willing to turn on application, wants anonymity Willing to contribute only if they don't have to do anything

  • 'Basic Mapper' When connected to free internet, ask user to enter details for any locations they may have tagged, upload to anonymiser server.
  • 'Advanced Mapper' When connected to the users PC, upload tracklogs and any voice notes (with tags of their locations) so they can use in their map editor

Layout Components

Application Area

Key Features:

Footer Area

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Architectural Details


Implementation Recommendations

  • 'Helper' On connection to somewhere with free internet, upload track logs.
    • These are then anonymised by waiting up to a month, and uploading to openstreetmap.
    • Optionally omit last few dozen metres of the tracks before phone becomes stationary.


For the advanced user, replacing this application with an integrated mapping editor, to enable viewing and editing of the existing openstreetmap would be of use.

This will need to interact with the GPS preferences application.

Unresolved Issues

Exact borderlines between GPS applications are not quite trivial.

Each application should be as small as possible, but if a feature greatly bloats an application, it may be better to leave it out or split off into another application.

As I see it - this application,GPS Connection Status have a large degree of commonality - it may be of use to merge at least basic functionality of this application into GPS Connection Status.

Also, a seperate mapping tool may be of use, rather than bloating this one.

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