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Wicd is a wlan-gui written in python which helps setting up a wlan-connection.



First you need some packages installed to get wicd working:

apt-get install python-glade2 python-gtk2 wireless-tools wpasupplicant dhcp3-client

Now you can download the *_all.deb version of wicd stable from here and install it with:

dpkg -i *_all.deb

The wicd daemon should automatically be started after installation. You can start the wicd-client now with:

wicd-client -n

In Preferences you should give in: eth0 for wireless and usb0 for wired connection.

Wicd should show now your networks. Connecting to one of them is not working at the moment. You will always end up with "Putting down interface..." and nothing happens after that but work is in progress about this problem: click.


  • install wicd (from www.opkg.org)
opkg install http://www.opkg.org/packages/ethtool_6_armv4t.ipk http://www.opkg.org/packages/wicd_1.5.6_armv4t.ipk
  • write these settings into /etc/wicd/wired-settings.conf
 afterscript = None
 broadcast = None
 dns3 = None
 ip =
 dns1 = None
 use_static_dns = False
 default = True
 netmask =
 dns2 = None
 beforescript = None
 disconnectscript = None
 gateway =
 use_global_dns = False
  • if desired copy also all your wireless settings from your host to the FR:
Host# sudo scp /etc/wicd/wireless-settings.conf root@
  • uninstall connman (network-manager)
FR# opkg remove connman*

warning: ssh connection will close and you have to reboot the system so wicd can establish the network

  • reboot
FR# reboot
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