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I'm Dave and I 'm a Linux user.

I think I have a problem, the Freerunner is now the 10th Linux device I own or look after. I'm hooked. I even have a Debianised NSLU2 under the bed.

And now I'll have linux with me everywhere I go. Just what I needed....

Techie Stuff

I'm a Software Engineer with CS degree, been working in C (with bits of C++, Python, Java etc) since 2000.

I've worked mostly on server software of various sizes and purposes, though also on point-of-sale EMV card transaction processing. The things that bring me most joy in programming are cryptography, secure comms (SSL/TLS) and multithreaded programming.

I don't know exactly what I can bring to Openmoko as I'm not the most GUI oriented kind of guy, but we'll see eh?

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