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My projects:

  • usagegui: my first python/GTK app to control some of the Freerunner's resources (e.g. WiFi, GPS, etc.)
  • travel-diary: Travel Diary - a simple application to save little diary entries to a csv file and send this to a server (that can generate a .kml file or show a map or do whatever...)
  • qsuunto-lite: QSuunto-Lite - display dive log information from Suunto Dive computers (that work with divetools-ab)
  • qnavitctl: QNavitCtl - send coordinates to Navit via dbus (e.g. destination)
  • qcurrency: QCurrency - simple currency calculator
  • qgpslog: QGPSLog - GPS track logger using FSO API

For more project information see sources here:

Screenshots here:

Packages (for shr-unstable) here:

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