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Templates are little snippets what you can insert while editing the Wiki. They will be automatically replaced to the tempate's content, for example a large blue box with predefined text, when viewing the page.

The following templates are used for documentation. Click on template names to link to their page for more information. You can copy-paste the examples directly from this page into your article

You can see all available templates here.

Templates for editor notes on pages

Template:Citation needed

When a Citation needed

to confirm a statement:
{{Citation needed}}


When you do a large cleanup on a page for some days:

Editing: (08/05/2008) This page is being edited by Kempelen: your notes...

If this note persists without edits in the history, feel free to remove the Editing template from the page.



An idea or request for a hardware change:

Hardware wishes warning! This article or section documents a Hardware Wish List item, the features described here may or may not be implemented in future devices.


When you want to mark an incomplete Wiki section:

Need improvement: This article or section needs improving. Feel free to add content.


When a feature is not yet ready, but is in progress:

In progress: This article or section documents one or more features whose implementation are in progress.


When a section in an article is basically a reference to another complete Wiki page, you can supress longer explanation by linking to the main page.

Main article: Qtopia

{{Main|Another article}}


To add an important note to a paragraph or article:

NOTE: This is an important note here.

{{Note|your text}}


Mark outdated information:

Outdated warning ! This article or section is significantly outdated, either by significant hardware or software changes. Procedures mentioned in this page may well not work for current hardware/software.



Progress unknown:

Progress unknown: This article or section documents one or more features whose implementation has progress unknown.



Telling people to add their signature:

Add your signature! In order to help others follow the discussion, please add your signature.

You can automatically add your signature by typing the signature tag --~~~~ or using the 2nd button from the right above your input box.



Notification about unusual hardware stuff:

Template:Special Hardware



Mark an article or section which needs to be written.

Stub: This is a stub. You can help OpenMokoWiki by expanding it.



Section or article which needs to be written, development or other task which has to be done.

TODO: The todo text comes here (See: To-Do List)
{{todo|The todo text comes here}}


Unimplemented things:




Things where extra caution should be taken:

WARNING: your text here

{{Warning|your text here}}


Openmoko wishlist item, not hardware (see Hardware_Wishlist above).

Wishes warning! This article or section documents one or more OpenMoko Wish List items, the features described here may or may not be implemented in the future.

Content templates


The links to all other languages:


Template:Yes, Template:No, Template:Maybe, Template:Unknown

For tables with various featrure lists and others, where these values are possible.

Neo 1973 FreeRunner
Feautre 1 yes no
Feature 2 maybe



Status table rows

Software planning tables:

Status Project name Description Contact
DONE Project Description Name <email>

TODO Project Description Name <email>


Available status table rows:

Page templates