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I am new to OpenMoko and am trying to install LinPhone as per these instructions. I consistently receive, even after opkg update and opkg upgrade, the following errors:

parseVersion: ERROR: epoch in version is not number

As well as lots of errors like:

Package xyz version 1.2.3 has no architecture specified, defaulting to om-gta02.

Is the repository for LinPhone not up to date, not compatible with 2008.9, not compatible with Neo Freerunner?

I think you have to add a line like arch general 50 in the file /etc/opkg/arch.conf after add new repository with file general-feed.conf but i have some problem too with upgrade of some packages


broken layout

somehow after my last edit the layout got messed up. sorry for that. i am not reverting to last version as this one is messed up as well at the moment. maybe the wiki itself has some problems. anyway, feel free to revert the changes if it restores the layout...

Manual download of package

I find this workarround. I dind't add the repository to opkg, but i download manually all package.

In this way installation goes find. bye Emmanuele

Broken download link

The URL doesn't exist any more. appears to contain no Linphone packages.

sybren 10:55, 27 June 2009 (UTC)

SIP VOIP over the mobile net (not WLAN) possible?

I'm planing to get an Openmoko is SIP VOIP over the mobile net (speed?) (not WLAN) possible?


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