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Hi, I have started this page, to try to standardize Community Updates (following refer as CU). You can take a look here, to have a feel how coming update would look like, if we follow all these standarised wiki guidelines. Probably I have started this little too late for 23th release, but maybe we achieve consensus before next CU. Everybody is welcome to help. Following are main topics which IMHO should be covered. --LeadMan 15:58, 21 July 2009 (UTC)


Conform to Openmoko_Wiki_Editing_Guidelines. These guidelines covers most of uncertain cases an editor might run into while editing wiki pages. It takes half an hour to dig through this, but is worth to do it at least summarily.


Conform to Help:Editing


Conform to Templates. Especially when it comes to handy Semantic boxes, like Template:ApplicationBox:

Description=A file manager application with MIME types and remote access support from the the GPE Palmtop Environment (GPE) project.|

If application/something else has its own wiki page, put its name in double square brackets:


Keep in mind the difference between internal and external links. Try to use them properly, accordingly to their destination

Date format

Dates in article body text should all have the same format. Use one standarized date format. Current version of media wiki software is 1.19.24. When it will be 1.15+ we can use unified date format, which would be represented accordingly to predefined user's preferences, while showing some default format for not registered users. (Is there any chance for upgrading this wiki version?) Here is nice example of date formating

Filling "Edit Summary" field

I have noticed that many wiki editors do not fill in "Edit Summary" filed under "edit" box. This summary becomes very handy when it comes to later version comparing. Always fill in "edit summary" field when editing wiki pages. All you need to pyt there are 3~4 words of comment, and really makes life easier for wiki administrators. It's a good idea to set your user preferences (under Editing) to "Prompt me when entering a blank edit summary". (If you really want to keep it empty, you can just confirm the message or enter a blank space to avoid the message.)

Creating new templates

Using Template:ApplicationBox is great idea! Why not create similar templates for other parts of CU? The disadvantage of this way would be little more code to fill, but all entries in particular part of CU would have similar layout. If you thing this is a good idea, let me know and i will start new experimental template to discuss. Or do it by yourself!

Community Update releasing process

And last but not least...In fact it is pretty important: never copy/paste contents of CU to release the page! Instead always use "move" button on top of wiki page. This "button" is intended for this action and by using it you save all editions and contributions history.

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