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There are a plethora of Transflash / microSD / SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards out there.

The Neo FreeRunner supports up to 8GB SDHC cards.

Some microSD cards appear to be too slow to work with the current default settings of the glamo driver, so some specific parameters must be set in uboot to use them (see, and corresponding notes in the tables bellow).

There had been a bug in the SD device driver (s3cmci) which caused some trouble. Please make sure you use a recent kernel which applies our kernel patchset rev2832 or higher.

Booting from SDHC requires a u-boot from 2008-07-23 or later. But pay attention : there are problems with SDHC cards at suspend time. More details from Booting from SD

Note that most vendors are using an irritating way of labeling the capacity of their cards (They are using the factor 1000 instead of 1024 for KB and MB). Therefore the real capacity of these cards will be about 5% less than the vendor's specification. For example, cards labelled 6 GB will only have 5.7 GB of storage capacity.

If you use a card not listed here, please add to this table.

Cards by Vendor

Vendor Model Capacity Speed u-boot 1.1.6 linux u-boot 1.2.0-moko8 svn1915 u-boot 1.3.2-moko12 linux 2.6.24+git75969 (2008.8 kernel as of Sept. 4, 2008)
A-Data microSDHC-8GB 8GB (SDHC) class 4  ? yes  ?
Corsair CMFSDMICRO-512 512MB no yes
Dane-Elec DA-SDMC-2048-R 2GB  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? yes
extreMemory AE56-1280R 128MB no yes yes
extreMemory H256MS05 256MB 60x no yes yes
hama 55371 256MB no yes yes
Intuix IXMSDM128B60X 128MB 60x no yes yes
Kingston SD-C512 512MB  ? no yes
Kingston SD-C01G 1GB  ? yes  ?
Kingston SD-C02G 2GB  ?  ? yes yes
Kingston SDC4 (N0043-012.A00LF) 4GB  ?  ? FSO MS2 / Linux 2.6.24: I/O Errors while formatting Contact me here
Patriot PSF128MCSD-RC 128MB  ? no  ?
Patriot PSF8GMCSDHC4 8GB Class 4  ?  ?  ? yes yes
PNY P-MICROSD512-BX 512MB yes yes yes
PNY P-MICROSD2GB-BX (card marked with MM8GR02GUACY) 2GB slow ?  ?  ? (Some work needed to get it running, see #1743 but apparently not enough)  ?
Pretec 128MB  ?  ? yes
SanDisk SDSDQ-128 128MB yes yes yes
SanDisk unknown 256MB yes yes yes
SanDisk unknown 512MB yes yes
SanDisk SDSDQ-1024-E10M 1GB yes yes yes
SanDisk SDSDQU-2048-E10M 2GB yes yes yes
SanDisk SDSDQ-4096-E11M 4GB (SDHC)  ? yes  ?
SanDisk SDSDQ-6144-E11M 6GB (SDHC)  ? yes no
SanDisk SDSDQ-8192-E11M 7GB (SDHC) 4  ? yes  ?
SanDisk SDSDQY-8192-A11M 8GB (SDHC)  ? yes  ?
SanDisk SDSDQR-8192-E12M 8GB (SDHC) 4  ? yes  ?
SanDisk SDSDQR-8192-???? 8GB (SDHC) 6  ? yes yes
SanDisk SDSDQ-008G-E11M 8GB (SDHC) 4  ? yes
Toshiba SD-512R2W 512MB no yes
Transcend TS128MUSD 128MB no yes
Transcend TS256MUSD80 256MB 80x no yes yes
Transcend TS512MUSD 512MB no yes yes
Transcend MM4GRO1GUACY 1GB  ? yes  ?
Transcend TS4GUSDHC6 (card marked with MM8GR04GUACY) 4GB (SDHC) Class 6  ? yes (Some work needed to get it running, see #1743)  ?
Transcend TS8GUSDHC4 8GB (SDHC) Class 4  ?  ?  ? yes Linux 2.6.24 from Aug 28 2008
Verbatim 47225 1GB no yes yes
vox-fon 1 GB 1GB no yes
(Intenso)  ? 4GB (SDHC) no yes (Some work needed to get it running, see #1743) u-boot from August, 2nd (1.3.1) boots fine)

Note that cards with a "no" may still work at times, but that we just have found their behaviour too erratic to consider acceptable. (Also note that this is a bug in our version of u-boot. The cards are probably fine.)