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This page is intended to collect all of the successful use cases people have managed to make work with their freerunners. The goal is to both provide examples of the kinds of interesting things people are doing, but also to provide info on how others can make use of the same use case.

If you've been using your FR successfully for something not listed below - please copy the template block at the bottom and fill it in with details like what Distro and software you used, and any interesting setup steps.


PDF Reader

I use the FR as a PDF reader when I'm away from my laptop, or in a situation where I can't easily use a laptop, such as walking, standing up on a bus or metro, etc.

Distro: OM2009 TR5 - but should work on any X based distro

Software: Epdfview - make sure that you have the recent version with a way to get out of fullscreen mode, and a way to switch pages in fullscreen mode.

The process I use is to just scp the pdfs into a 'doc' directory on the FR, and leave the edpfview open dialog on that folder. Scrolling through the files is a little annoying, but it works passably well. some kind of a 'bookshelf' program that would display the list of PDFs in a better way and launch epdfview on each would be a great addition.

IM Client - Pidgin

With Pidgin and GPRS, I can use many different IM protocols whereever I am.

Distro: OM 2009 TR5 - but should work on any X based distro

Software: Pidgin

I use the OM settings screen to join gprs, and then start up pidgin. I've only added a google talk account so far, and I think I might have needed to rotate the screen horizontal to fill in some of the account details, but aside from that it works quite well for IM.

GPS - tangoGPS

I use my freerunner as a GPS device. While I am connected on a fast connection, I can use tangoGPS to download many tiles. However the omgps tool has become just as capable as tangoGPS. It also has some additional features like AGPS to get faster fixes when connected to GPRS and a GPS data screen to show alot of information about the GPS module/current fix.

I sometimes use the tangoGPS POI tool to mark down possible additions and corrections for the OpenStreetMap project. I can easily extract these later using a python script to read the sqlite database they are stored in. The POI feature can also be combined with a program called Gtkaddpoi to add markers for addresses and locations to your map, so you can find them when you are travelling.

When I am using the GPS module, I usually leave the openBmap program open to help collect data about GSM cell ids that could one day allow me to get my position without activating the GPS.

Distro: SHR-Unstable

Software: tangoGPS + omgps + openBmap


I linked ~/Maps to /media/card/Maps which means the maps are stored on the sd card.

I also like to use the differently stylised tiles from the Cloudmade site but you have to register for a free API key to get a URL for that. Also trying to enter the URL in tangoGPS crashed it but I was able to use the following command to set it:

gconftool-2 -s /apps/tangogps/repos \
"[OSM||/media/card/Maps/OSM|0]" \
--type list --list-type string

This is the python script i use to extract POIs from tangoGPS:

import sqlite3
con = sqlite3.connect('/home/root/.tangogps/poi.db')
cur = con.cursor()
cur.execute('SELECT * FROM poi')
print cur.fetchall()

Video player - mplayer

Freerunner is very good playing videos. It has very good display with nice colors and is fast enough to play fullscreen videos in 240x320 resolution. I have seen several movies on Freerunner and the experience was very good.

Distro: QtMoko

Software: QMplayer

QMplayer is installed in QtMoko by default. On the first use it will automatically download and install codecs from internet. You can also use QMplayer to browse movies and music on your PC and on sigle click you can play or download selected file (automatically transcoded for Freerunner resolution.)


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