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SipDroid provides a SIP/VoIP-Client to your Freerunner with Android by adding native SIP/VoIP support to Android's dialer and contacts. You are able to make and receive SIP/VoIP-calls over Wifi, 3G, and EDGE with good voice quality and low delay. SipDroid is capable to receive a Video-SIP/VoIP-Call on you freerunner. Of course sending Video is not possible because your Freerunner does not have a camera.

SipDroid lets you make phone calls over internet with your the internet connection of WiFi or your data flatrate, to save mobile phone costs and stay connected with one SIP-Account used at your home internet access and with your freerunner at the same time, e.g. with SIPgate you can register a SIP-Account that has real landline phone number. If you register this account in Sipdroid you can accept landline phone calls for your number in Germany with you Freerunner from anywhere in the world.

See Android usage for installing software on your freerunner.


Start Browser on you installed Android with the URL: , click on apk-File for download. After download execute file with the context menu in the download list.

See [] for configuration tutorials.


When you have install Sipdroid:

  • use it with removed SIM card first.
  • register account (On/Off-button freerunner) then settings
  • check registration, (OK) if green dot visible top left of screen.
  • audio-listening check by e.g. calling for sip2sip-Accounts, (OK) if you hear a voice
  • audio-record check by e.g. calling for sip2sip-Accounts talk in Mic, (OK) if you can listen to recording (then hang up)

VoIP Settings for SIP2SIP Account

Lets assume you SIP2SIP number is 22334455667788 with your password mysecret1234

  • SIP-Address:
  • Password: mysecret1234
  • Domain/Realm:
  • Outbound Proxy:

Enter these account settings of your account by the following step in SipDroid:

  • starting the SipDroid from the Application,
  • Press Power-On-Button for Menu in SipDroid on Android.
  • Select Settings at the bottom right.
  • Select Account Settings
    • Authorization Username: 22334455667788
    • Password: mysecret1234
    • Server or Proxy:
    • Domain:
  • Select Advanced Options
    • Check Use STUN-Server if you are using your Freerunner e.g. behind a DSL router.

Test with Version 1.5.4 of Sipdroid on Freerunner GTA2

  • Installation with Internet Connection and download of sipdroid 1.5.4 (OK)
  • Registration with SIP2SIP without (OK)
  • Testcall audio-listening to establishes connection, but no audio.
  • Testcall audio-record to establishes connection, no Mic test possible because of audio.
  • Audiotest (???) No Audio on test call, so Mic test is not possible as well.

Test with Version 1.5.5 of Sipdroid on Freerunner GTA2

  • Installation with Internet Connection and download of sipdroid 1.5.5 (OK)
  • Registration with SIP2SIP without
  • Audio listening Testcall to establishes connection (OK)
  • Audio Mic-Record -Testcall to establishes connection (OK)
  • Audiotest (???) No Audio on test call, so Mic test is not possible as well.