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If you use a non-Linux desktop (we call this the host OS), you can find useful information in this article about connecting to your Openmoko smartphone or running/developing Openmoko software.


Microsoft Windows

Mac OS X

Covered elsewhere; see MacOS_X. They have dfu-util and ether-gadget working.


qemu-neo1973 works see Talk:Openmoko_under_QEMU#FreeBSD_and_last_qemu.... Nothing else known. See FreeBSD


We have an experimental NetBSD/evbarm Neo1973 kernel booting on Qemu Neo1973 emulator on NetBSD.


The umodem(4) driver works with the u-boot console. When the umodem driver claims device 0x1457:0x5118, it becomes inaccessible to libusb-based applications such as dfu-util. The cdce(4) driver works "out of the box" with Openmoko's ethergadget interface, so you can ssh in, run remote X clients, scp in or out, etc.

Ian Darwin has a port of dfu-util partly working (list works but not download).

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