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Navit-1 Navit-2

Thanks to Alessandro, stefan_schmidt, cp15 and all Navit developers I have done a small ("not really working") preview of Navit on Neo1973 at Telemobility Forum 2007. Thanks to GFoss guys to invite me. Tyrael

Setting up Navit

I got navit set up and configured to the point where it follows me on the map. It doesn't have street names or any other information, just the map and the cursor showing the location and direction. Here's what I did:

wget -O map1.osm,47.5,-122,47.7
wget -O map2.osm,47.5,-122.2,47.7
wget -O map3.osm,47.3,-122.2,47.5
wget -O map4.osm,47.3,-122,47.5
      • Made a navit binary map file using the osm2navit binary that comes with the navit package on my linux box
cat *.osm | bin/osm2navit --dedupe-ways > mymap.bin
      • Copied the map to the NEO
scp mymap.bin root@neo:/home/root/card/map
      • Changed the navit.xml file on the NEO to use the new map
vi /usr/share/navit/navit.xml
<map type="binfile" enabled="yes" data="/home/root/card/map/mymap.bin" />
  • Run navit
    • Start gllin
    • Start gpsd ( gpsd /tmp/nmeaNP )
    • Start navit


Street names

They are now displayed on OpenMoko using the CVS version of Navit (20071217).

Point selection by pen

Easier using the CVS version (20071217).

Route > Destination

The Route > Destination menu item crashes the software (20071217).

A current fix is to set the LANG variable before calling navit. For example: export LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8; navit

Note that a short syntax (e.g. LANG=fr) would not work.


Navit can speak if you install eSpeak + speech-dispatcher and updates your navit.xml file.

For adventurous people, one way to do this:

* mokoTTS aims to integrate these packages in OM:

install espeak, dotconf, and then speech-dispatcher.

* change the speech tag in navit.xml:
<speech type="cmdline" data="spd-say '%s'" />

or "spd-say -l fr '%s'" for using the French voice for example.