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This is the content of an email of Risto H. Kurppa on the mailing list :

I found mokomapper ( some months ago (=I didn't write it, Pavel did (CC'd this mail to him)) and mentioned it in the thread. Someone requested some screenshots so here you are: The readme file also has some output log of the script. I think the output is not in valid OSM format because of the broken GPS connection (maybe, I don't know..).

I don't know how to use the app or how to import the stuff to OSM but to me it looks like it really is going to the right direction. It allows you easily to pinpoint road to left, road to right, different types of roads, crossroads etc etc and I'd think you could add some more items there quite easily since it's a simple python script..

So if there's anyone with some python skills, it'd be great to give some love to this script so we all could easily do OSM mapping with only FR around.


To use:

 chmod 755
 DISPLAY=:0 ./

To convert the log to .osm file, you need


We need some screenshots here


  • Icons for each button to help finding the things
  • Rework the hierarchy, rethink the required tags
  • Make the UI transparent to run it on top of a map (tangogps, omgps) to see the current state of OSM
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