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Personal tools

Because the performance of your Freerunner is too poor for voice recognition, the Google Voice API can be used to convert an recorded Audio file into a text string. Be aware that the audio file will be transmitted to Google, so need to have Internet access on your freerunner FR to submit the audio file.

NOTE: You must be aware of the fact, that the follow script is running on your freerunner but it is not a standalone voice recognition software and so you might not want to use this tool for private audio files.

Google Voice API

For using the Google Voice API and the script you need to have the following package installed on your freerunner:

  • SoX [[1]] for converting WAV into FLAC files
  • WGET [[2]] for submitting the FLAC file to the Google Voice API
  • SED [[3]] for extracting the recognized text in the returned string of the Google Voice API

Script Usage

  • The script uses a audio file message.wav in the directory of the script. All files are stored in the same directory, so you need write permissions for the directory.
  • SoX converts message.wav into message.flac
  • wget submits the file message.flac to the Google Voice API and writes the return message to message.ret. The language variable in the script is set to German by lang=de-de. If you want to submit a recorded file in US-English use lang=en-us instead.
  • SED extracts the recognized text message.ret by regular expressions and writes the text into message.txt.
  • Temporary files message.flac and message.ret will be deleted after the process.

Script Code

The script code can be tested on any Linux machine with SoX, SED, WGET installed. Modifiy the script according to your demands and storage of your audio files

 echo "1 SoX Sound Exchange - Convert WAV to FLAC with 16000" 
 sox message.wav message.flac rate 16k
 echo "2 Submit to Google Voice Recognition"
 wget -q -U "Mozilla/5.0" --post-file message.flac --header="Content-Type: audio/x-flac; rate=16000" -O - "" > message.ret
 echo "3 SED Extract recognized text" 
 cat message.ret | sed 's/.*utterance":"//' | sed 's/","confidence.*//' > message.txt
 echo "4 Remove Temporary Files"
 rm message.flac
 rm message.ret
 echo "5 Show Text "
 cat message.txt


The WGET code was derived from [4]