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This is a placeholder page for the Contacts application in OM2008.08.


The Contacts Application is the central location to store all address related information.

Core Functionality

  • View list of contacts
  • Search for contact on fullname
  • Launch Dial contact
  • Launch Message contact
  • Create contact
  • Delete contact
  • Edit Fullname
  • Edit Organisation
  • Add telephone number
  • Delete e-mail address
  • Edit telephone number
  • Change telephone group (e.g. work/mobile/home)
  • Add e-mail address
  • Delete e-mail address
  • Edit e-mail address
  • Change e-mail address group
  • View contact communication history


The contacts app does have search functionality, albeit rudimentary. If you enter a letter, the list will fast-forward to the first entry that begins with that letter. No further search functionality appears to be available.

2008.09 has a better search, but it doesn't seem to be enabled by default in either 2008.08 (updated to 2008.09) or directly-installed 2008.09. To enable it, edit the file /home/root/.config/Trolltech/Contacts.conf, in the section [default], put the line EnableFindBar=1 . If the file doesn't exist, create it with only those two lines in.

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