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Blackherd Bluetooth is one of the applications that runs on the Openmoko Phones. For a list of all applications, visit Applications




Blackherd Bluetooth is a simple Bluetooth application. It includes a simple adapter manager, OBEX file browser and OBEX push support. It is written using Python and Elementary.


  • Basic Bluetooth adapter manager (switching discoverable mode, etc.)
  • Device discovery, pairing with other Bluetooth devices
  • Sending files using OBEX object push
  • Browsing OBEX FTP on other devices, downloading and uploading files
  • Mostly finger friendly

Download and installation

Repository access

As there are no official releases, Blackherd Bluetooth is only through Bazaar. To download the source code, use

bzr branch lp:blackherd


There are currently no packages for any distribution, so it has to be installed manually, or run from the source code directory directly.

Manual installation doesn't require any additional libraries, as the application is pure-Python. It can be performed with

python build
python install

If pollution of the root filesystem isn't desired, it can be launched directly from the source code directory with

python ./blackherd-ebluetooth


  • dbus-python
  • python-ecore
  • python-edbus
  • python-elementary
  • lightblue
  • (Python 2.5 only) pyprocessing or multiprocessing backport from 2.6

It has not be tested on anything but Python 2.5.


Blackherd is configured using the ~/.blackherd/eblackherd.cfg configuration file. Here's an example of this file suitable for using Blackherd Bluetooth on the Openmoko phones.

; When this is set to true, apps will be aware that FSO Framework
; is running on the machine, and they will use it, for example, to
; request resources (like Bluetooth)
enable_fso: yes

; This specifies the preferred window size for newly created windows
default_window_size: 480, 640
; This specifies whether toolbar icons text will be displayed.
; Can be yes, no or only. If it is only it means that no icons
; will be displayed
toolbar_text: no



Milko Krachounov

BlackherdBluetooth-4.png Blackherd Bluetooth

Simple Bluetooth application

Tested on: Debian

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