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Steps and Tips about Wrench tool in ASU theme


Wrench probably uses utility enlightenment_remote

This tool is able to

  • Load, Unload and List modules     ( ENABLED = AUTOSTART, module must be LOADed before doing this )
  • Restart enlightenment, reboot OM, logout from session
  • Manage fonts, virtual desktops, winlist and process freeze detection&killing
  • Manage keybindings (Aux key for instance), signalbindigns and mousebindigs
  • And a lot of less important (some not available on FR) functions

To use it from SSH you need to setup environment variable E_IPC_SOCKET. Because it points to a file, it isn't hard to locate it. Just do this:

ls /tmp/enlightenment-root

For reply "disp-:0.0-2166|0" do

export E_IPC_SOCKET=/tmp/enlightenment-root/disp-\:0.0-2166
NOTE: Don't forget to escape colon (":") and remove anything after pipe ("¦") symbol

Now you should be able to use this tool from SSH connection

Source: Enlightenment wiki page: http://wiki.enlightenment.org/index.php/Modules

Adding wrench to ASU theme

This is already described in article Enlightenment .cfg, including some binary configration files download

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