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So, this is mainly a joke, but it would be an interesting dispay app for the capabilities of the touchscreen environment and is a departure from the standard 'mouse' behavior of most touchscreens.



if(release > init){
 value = null; // no backward dialing or dialing past the fingerstop
}elseif((init - release - 1) <= 0){
 value = null; // not enough mojo (moko?) in your stroke - try again.
}elseif((init - release - 1) == 10){
 value = 0; // necessary substitution
 value = init - release - 1; // allows for old-school dialing, where it didn't
 // actually matter where your finger was - it only mattered how much it moved.

with these area values:

black type = display value
(num) = positional value (if different)

It would be really cool (tm) if it moved under your finger and snapped back after you released.

Looks like already implemented http://www.cibomahto.com/?p=192

We might even use the accelerometers to guess the angular position of the phone, and then rotate the phone instead of the dialer. Perfectly useless, nevertheless ;)

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