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Hardware wishes warning! This article or section documents a Hardware Wish List item, the features described here may or may not be implemented in future devices.

This is a page detailing accessories that may be of use for your Neo1973.

This is both accessories that do not exist, and existing devices that may be good to add to a web-store.

Advertising on this page is permitted, but keep it brief and factual.


Existing devices

Storage Devices

Input Devices


There are (at least) two uses for a Bluetooth pedometer as a Neo1973 accessory:

  • As an input device for exercise-monitoring software


Special covers

Different special covers could be made available with features like:

  • A standard slip-on or clip-on template (possibly with buttons) to make the touch-screen blind accessible
  • Small metal frame for protection (like Siemens M65, only with more style)
  • Case with mirror on the back, for putting on makeup/checking appearance or helping with self-portraits with an integrated camera.
  • Option to completely design printable case styles, perhaps with engraving. Ability to share these on a 'community' site.
  • Solar powered recharger (perhaps as extendable/unfoldable Expansion Back).
  • Rubber protection like available for iPod, of course in different colors and transparency.
  • Underwater case. This could be a housing that fits around a normal FreeRunner like the kinds for digital cameras. Alternatively, it could be an actual case that the FreeRunner guts fits into.
  • Screen Protector: A simple and very easy to produce screen protector, like the one on my iPaq:

Protector Flipped up image: http://www.pocketpcthoughts.com/images/ppct-ipaq6900-preview-small-01.jpg

Protector Flipped down image: http://www.pocketpcthoughts.com/images/ppct-ipaq6900-preview-small-06.jpg

This serves the dual purpose of protecting the screen from scratches, and stopping user's ear/face from accidentally pressing buttons while talking.

Car kit

A car kit with a cradle which simultaneously recharges the device.

Bike kit

Sporting a GPS, the phone would be ideal to have mounted by a bracket on the bike handle bars. Viewable from your position over the handlebars. Snap-on/snap-off, and some locking mechanism that actually keeps the phone from getting airborne on a hard break. Also, a basic spring on the bracket, making bumps softer on the phone. This type of bracket would cost peanuts to make. Should also include a padded and waterproof pack that you can place the phone inside, keeping it (somewhat) safe from the elements. Would also be really cool if it was possible to create a dynamo that can charge the phone, like old school bike headlights.


Something to measure the Cadence like a normal bike computer would be great.


Have the possibility to measure the heartbeat would make it a great accessory for training :)

See also

Charger conversion connector

A flexible converter allowing you to recharge the Neo1973 with power from many DC sources such as other devices chargers. Problems are that it may overload the DC source. It may require sensing of the input voltage, and reducing load if the voltage drops by a factor. Ideally the device should accept input voltage in the range of around 3.3v-28V in either polarity.

Ability to connect a USB keyboard to the phones USB port

It has a USB port. There are USB keyboards everywhere. It would be great to be able to ssh anywhere over wifi with a regular sized keyboard.

  • This functionality already exists in SHR-testing. shr-settings>connectivity>set usb to host


I think it should all be seen within the context of portability. Have a keyboard incorporated, hinged along the long side, as noted elsewhere, with a micro-switch that induces hibernation on closing to conserve power. Limit the touch screen function to different aspects of the file system and peripheral aspects - in other words, don't limit it to a phone. Those of us on the go need a phone, yes, but a lot more. And all of society is evolving in this direction, so the product needs to also to survive.

USB2 - obviously, could be employed for something like this:


on which an entire OS with a massive /home partition could be carried round on a keyring.

Why try to crowd it all onto one screen when all you have to do is make an alteration in the size of your belt mounted, carry pouch.

The world needs the portable office, not just the portable phone.



Make the stylus laser-pen recharge its batteries from phone while "docked"

The stylus pen with built in laser pointer and flashlight seemed too big to be able to be attached to the phone while it is not being used, according to the demonstration video. If that is the case, make a slot on the phone where one can "dock" the pen while not using it. Make the phone recharge the batteries in the pen while the pen is docked to the phone.

USB laser pointer

Make a laser pointer that plugs into the USB connector and controlled in the same through the same interface that that wold make the FreeRunner a presentation remote control.

Bluetooth earpiece with possible both-ears use

It will be like a regular bluetooth speaker, but with another (wired or wireless) speaker in the other ear for music listening and telephony. The main, bulky piece with bluetooth could have a multi-purpose button: for answering calls when it whispers the name of the caller in my ears, or to raise/lower the volume of music or telephone call.

Would be nice to have them for the left-handed too.

Make a VGA and/or DVI out connector

The screen on the phone is small. But if it had a VGA out connector, we could connect an ordinary full sized monitor to it. It already has a USB connector. Imagine the coolness of attaching a usb keyboard and a 22" widescreen monitor to your phone and then viewing youtube videos through the phones wlan connection. You wouldn't have to carry around your laptop anymore since usb keyboards and vga monitors are availible practically everywhere.

This also may be used to show the conference presentations. There is enough memory in the phone to store the average presentation (the pdf or maybe even html formats could be used). Having the VGA port would transform it into very lightweight tool that could even replace a laptop for some people. It may be OK to have the same VGA resolution as presentations are usually prepared with the big fonts and figures.


The pouch could have external or internal place to keep the stylus.

USB camera

A camera connected to the usb port.

AUX button flashlight

Replace the indicator LED beneath the AUX button with a high brightness LED that can be used as a flashlight.

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