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Combine the launcher with a Slide-to-Unlock interface, to create a pocketsafe, hassle free home screen and call pickup.

Use Cases

  • I like keeping my phone in my pocket. I dislike accidentally hitting buttons, but equally so accidentally answering calls, and having to unlock after digging the phone out of my pocket.

Layout Components

The interface would be a combination of the ASU default, with lots of icons, and the 2007.2 Screen Lock.

Launcher Mode

Clicking on an icon would do nothing, save keep the screen from blanking. In order to launch an application, one would drag and drop the icon desired into the bottom right unlock area. When done using the phone, clicking an icon into the bottom left would lock it again, and turn off the screen or suspend the phone.

Incoming Mode

When recieving a phone call, the icons vanish, and are replaced by a set of relevant icons (ignore, answer, read message, etc). In order to perform an action, the icon must be be dragged to the bottom right area.


This app would most likely require some notification and functionality tied in with the dialer. This would most likely be simple with the new DBUS stack.

Questions and Answers

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