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Like Wolfgang said in http://n2.nabble.com/Weekly-Engineering-News-41-2008-td1336450.html , Openmoko assembled a team to focus on improving the user experience. You can check Improving user experience, to check the first priority Openmoko engineers will focus.

And you also can check the discussion page , to see the discussions from community , and you can also add your wish in following table , and helping Openmoko improving our product incrementally.

Wish Item category Note
accelerated x-driver optimize
Vedio [video?] need more working (ie. play audio) audio
System performance optimize
"suspend on power button" should working all time power
Emacs phone services on top of dbus functionality
touch and accelerometer based gui for nearly blind people functionality
funky gui that changes every week for teenagers functionality
PDA function functionality
have extensible utilities such as stable SMS, calendars, contacts, and alarm clocks. functionality
to use the Qtopia sqlite3 database for the PIM streamline
Make it easy to update sources, and easy to build both kernel and userland stuff, and also to report patches. updatability
Finish/validate implementation of the networking stack testing
Merge the GPRS muxer into the stable distro, so that it works out of the box; functionality
Integrate the main applications with the power management: if QPE wants to index the whole friggin' filesystem right after boot, then give it time to do so before going into suspend; if you don't, it just bogs down the CPU for many suspend/resume cycles, creating all sorts of problems, and we don't know what is going on... power
Work with the people of FDOM to integrate the best workarounds and hacks exchange know how
Get all the bluetooth support organized out-of-the-box. functionality
Put a "speaker" button on the dialer app. audio
Sound should had volume level audio
ability to know the charge level from PC power
Easy file sharing functionality
install apps via PC updateability
sync contacts infos; sync calendars and to-do lists; sync communications (SMSs, emails, conversations, ecc.). functionality
Reduce a power consumption power
Make GPRS/GSM working without disabling the PIN functionality
Make the possible to share word lists
Drop the Qtopia apps immediately and focus on paroli and opimd functionality
restore the old gtk based phone dialing which had contact number completion and a logical user interface or get the qt one to do the things that the gtk one did and make it fun to use. functionality
make it possible to adjust the input volume while speaking to someone on the phone (like in the old OM2007.x distro) functionality
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