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I run an ISP, supplying anything between shared hosting and full responsibility of a domain that's within the top 750 of Alexa. At the moment I'm learning more advanced use of BGP. My specialisms are DNS with in particular IPv6, ENUM and DNSSEC. I enjoy programming menu's in Asterisk. My favorite OS are the 3 main BSD's, but for telephony I'm getting more and more surrounded by pinguins.

I'm trying the Neo Freerunner because my iPhones can't do SIP in the background. Besides that crontabs on iPhones are not possible, and I have a couple of apps I'd like to write. Of course I'm also following how the Linux iPhone develops

Hardware / Software

  • Openmoko Inc. GTA02
  • Transcend 512MB - Android
  • Sandisk 1GB - Qt Extended

on my way to buy more SD's...




  • 0800-UNICYCL
  • +31 (0)20-7162743
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