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Related to the order that just come to Netherlands.

Can you tell me how much did you payed for the custom? did you actually payed the VAT? (~90 euro) did they called you?



Customs gotta eat too I guess....

Yes, the UPS guy came with a package (Yeah!!!) and a bill for an additional 87 euro (if I'm correct) bummer. Well I guess I kinda anticipated to pay more so I wasn't shocked but still it sucks. I wasn't called in advance but the UPS guy just showed me the bill...

All in all I payed about 480 euro's for the neo advanced package (That includes customs) which is ALOT of money for a phone, but not all that much for such a great opensource hacking device :)

>Ok, so it's as expected!

> Thanks for the infos ;).

> Well, assuming the fact that I am waiting for this phone for more than 7-8 months, it's worth the money.

> The only issue is that I didn't receive any email with the shipment details (nr. 22xx - don't remember the exact number now).

> Hope to come this days.

> Again, thanks for the information and happy hacking ;).

Throwing in my 2 euro cents

I guess you are living in the Netherlands? I'm from Belgium and paid this amount for the Neo: 300$ + 52$ (shipping) (== +/- 250 euro) + 50,09 VAT and 12.5 euro for UPS And no, I didn't get a call in advance from UPS either ...

WOW - Custom/VAT update


My box just arrived today (9th of August). The SURPRISE was that I didn't had to pay any CUSTOM/VAT tax :).

I know, I am a lucky bastard.

Anyway, this was strange.


@Das NL

did you get it shipped to your work place? Then maybe you didn't have to pay VAT as it was assumed to be a commercial shipment?

You are right! I've requested to be shipped at Orange office location. Should that be the reason for no VAT charge?


Hmmm I had it shipped to my work too but without a valid VAT number they usually DO charge you (They did with me) but maybe the noce people accepting your package paid it for you assuming it was for the company?

Anyway, congrats tHe_IkkE

> No one had paid anything extra :).

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